Jayne Fowler

Bespoke Jewellery


I find beauty in the unusual and unwanted and become inspired by the different layers and stories that objects can reveal. I am excited by evoking memories in an onlooker, or creating a starting point for new ones.

My work is eclectic - if it’s not reconstruction, it’s deconstruction. If it’s not raw, it’s reclaimed. If it’s not tribal, it’s primitive.

Working with contrasting materials, silver and steel, I want to challenge perceived values of different materials. Whether it’s a hunk of metal scavenged from the road or a delicate wire weaving, I hope to reflect feelings of comfort and protection in the raw-matter elements of my work


Materials of Accord is a powerful collection forged in the flames of imagination and expression. Working with materials taken from a piano, this body of work explores the similarities between the role of music and jewellery in the family. The way they are passed down from generation to generation as a source of beauty and entertainment but also as symbols and forgers of unity and family bonds.

There are nine statement neck pieces - each is forged with different meanings and inspirations, and each is designed to inspire the imagination of the wearer to offer something to build and weave into their own story. Combining different techniques and primary materials the collection concentrates on contradiction and contrast by combining the steel piano tuning pins with silver and silk.

Cuttlefish casting provides the backbone of the making process, fusing of different materials into precious metals, combining precious and semi-precious gemstones and sitting in melted silver. My inspiration comes from connections with extraordinary people that have touched my life and my heart, places that have captivated me in my travels and things that catch my eye in nature and the world around me.

Each of the following collections are ever-growing and due to the bespoke, pick-and-mix nature of my work, the possibilities are endless. No two pieces will ever be the same. Each piece can be crafted in a material thats suits your budget and taste with a choice of stone .  


It seemed only natural to name these collections after lost slang from the Victorian era.

Fawney Rig The trick of dropping a ring, Fawney bouncing, selling rings for a pretended wager.
Jammiest Bits of Jam  Absolutely perfect young females
Bang Up the Elephant Perfect, complete, unapproachable
Nanty Narking Great Fun
Mad As Hops Excitable

Swings and Roundabouts Is a collection that was born through the to-ing and fro-ing of life’s lessons, the circle and triangle shapes that are used throughout are based on the shapes that are described from the swing and the roundabout. It’s a simple, sleek collection with snippets of texture from my signature cuttlefish casting method for the everyday wearer.